How Chiropractic Works

A gentle and effective hands-on method of adjusting the bones of your body to improve the alignment of your skeleton and help the nervous system to work more efficiently.

Chiropractic has been around since 1895, and a lot of research has been conducted in recent years to help explain from a scientific perspective to chiropractors and their patients how chiropractic actually works.

All the chiropractors at Good Health Naturally started their working lives doing other jobs, before discovering what chiropractic treatment or care, could do for each of us as individuals. We all subsequently chose to train as chiropractors, because of the powerful impact that chiropractic care had on our own lives- so we all know on a very real and practical basis that chiropractic works!

Chiropractic care works in two ways:–

From a biomechanical perspective, each joint in your body will only work (without damage) in a particular way and when the biomechanics are not functioning properly, a wide variety of symptoms including aches and pains can arise. How your pelvis functions will impact on how you weight bear on your knees, and also to a degree, your feet – your pelvis also influences how the whole of your spine moves. Ever injured a shoulder? Most people will find they automatically safeguard the shoulder by not moving it, or moving it differently. In turn, this impacts on the ability to move the elbow, which also changes how you use your wrist and hand.  Whether the shoulder is immobilised, or used differently to normal, this can also impact on your neck movement and the movement of your upper spine,  upper back and shoulder girdle muscles.

Additionally, the function of your spine can influence the way your brain perceives what’s going on in your body. Chiropractic care gently restores the health and function of your spine thereby improving the communication between your brain, your body and the environment. If your brain can accurately perceive what is going on it can control your body better.

Recent scientific research shows that the brain continues to have the ability at all ages to change and adapt to its ever-changing environment, and through touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing, our brain receives sensory information and creates for us a virtual reality in our minds about both what is going on in our own bodies, and the world around us.

Your brain needs to integrate all the sensory information it receives to be able to accurately move your body i.e. sensorimotor integration. When your brain gets this correct, it can carry out movements amazing accuracy. When it doesn’t get it quite right, it can’t carry out movements with such accuracy, with patients describing clumsiness or tripping up for no apparent reason.

If your spine (and other joints in your body) are not moving properly, it makes it harder for your brain to accurately perceive what is going on in your body and this impacts on how your brain can control your movements.

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