The Bowen Technique

Bowen is a gentle, subtle therapy, suitable for the smallest of babies, children, and adults of all ages.

The Bowen technique

The Bowen technique entails using unique and precise rolling-type movements made over the skin, fascia, and muscles, to relieve tension held in the soft tissue, including the fascia. There is no manipulation of hard tissue. Each treatment takes approximately 45-60 mins and most of the work can be performed directly onto the skin or through light clothing. Short breaks are an important part of the treatment, where the client is allowed to rest. This provides time for the body to respond to the subtleties of the moves, helping to re-balance the body.

The Bowen Technique can potentially address many problems including the feeling of being ‘off centre’ and acting as a stress management therapy, treating the whole person to maintain health and well-being, with clients having often initially reported a wide range of symptoms.

Bowen Technique encourages the body to repair and balance itself with reports of improvement in function, flexibility, energy levels, and discomfort.

Bowen offers consideration of all needs, restriction of movement or flexibility and treats the body as a whole without diagnosis –treating the patient, rather than the symptoms or conventional diagnosis.

How many treatments?

Three to six treatments at weekly intervals frequently achieve significant relief, although further treatments may be necessary. Maintenance sessions are useful for long-standing issues and can help to prevent further deterioration of problems.

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