Energy Field Healing

Each of us is surrounded by a field of electromagnetic bioenergy, also known as your aura. Energy Field Healing is a gentle and effective way to clear, balance and recharge a person’s energy field, which can then affect change in the physical body.

What is Energy Field Healing?

Energy Field Healing brings together the natural ability of the practitioner and quite specific training to communicate with the Human Energy Field of the client. The practitioner detects blocked or stagnant energy and using flowing hand movements releases the suppression of the natural healing flow.

What is the Human Energy Field?

The Human Energy Field is constantly communicating with the world around us. If the Field becomes disrupted or damaged, the flow of Life Force Energy that our health relies upon can become blocked or stagnant. The Energy Field stores memories of emotional and physical events that have happened throughout our lives and such events can sometimes create disturbances in the flow of Life Energy resulting in a range of physical symptoms including discomfort, tiredness, and irritation.

What does Energy Field Healing Treatment entail?

The client remains fully clothed, stands, sits or lies comfortably on a massage type couch, and the practitioner works with little or no physical contact with the client. Each session takes about fifty to sixty minutes, during which clients have reported a feeling of warmth, tingling, flashes of old memories, and often report feeling a sense of peace and contentment.

How many treatments?

Each client is individual and as such, each of us has unique needs.

Some suggestions are – when a specific issue arises several sessions may be necessary.

  • for those with a stress-filled life, a regular maintenance session, every 4 to 6 weeks can help.
  •  for those who wish to maintain energy balance throughout the year, a session at the time of the change of season may be appropriate.

Clients report that they also learn to trust their intuition and wisdom, and listen to their inner voice that tells them: ‘The time is right’

Distance Healing

By accessing the energy field it is possible to communicate with the energy of another person without being in their physical presence. Distance healing is only carried out with the permission of the client, requiring a short telephone consultation, a case history and perhaps a photograph. Please contact Sandra to discuss this option.


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Energy field healing

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