Jane McKenzie-Riley DC LRCC

Jane McKenzie RileyJane McKenzie-Riley qualified as a Chiropractor at the beginning of 1997, after having developing problems of her own with her right shoulder in her late 20’s whilst working as a Civil Servant, which conventional healthcare was unable to resolve.

Luckily for Jane, her horse’s ‘Back Man’ (also a McTimoney Chiropractor) was able to help her, and her passion for chiropractic and what it could do began.

After qualifying from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Jane later returned to the College as a practical tutor for some years, and more recently spent 4 years on a General Chiropractic Council Committee, giving her invaluable insight into life outside the clinic room and into the regulatory side of the profession, which she very much enjoyed.

Jane works with patients of all ages, from birth upwards, with all sorts of problems, and enjoys helping our more senior citizens regain and retain mobility, just as much as treating a new baby after a traumatic birth or working with a patient who has MS or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Jane has worked with horse riders for some years, both ‘happy hackers’ and professional riders, and like associate Nicola Topper, is also aware of how her own pelvic alignment can influence how the horse moves – whether negatively or positively!

Due to Jane’s own problems with her right shoulder which were eventually linked to her own poor posture sitting at an office desk, Jane is very keen on helping her patients understand how they can gain control over their pain, and how they can help themselves get better as quickly as possible.

Jane is an impatient perfectionist, and as such can sometimes run a little late with appointment times although she tries really hard not to!

In Jane’s spare time, she enjoys travelling with her ‘Other half’, walking their dogs, and gardening. Jane used to ride and has ridden (but not competed) at a medium-advanced level in the past. Jane hopes one day to return to dressage.

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