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Mark Foster - PodiatristAfter graduating from Birmingham School of Podiatry in 2000 with First Class Honours, Mark went into private practice as a Clinical Podiatrist.  With an already growing interest in the Biomechanics of the lower limbs, Mark continued to further his knowledge using self-directed and self-funded post-graduate training which he felt was important to develop his knowledge and expertise.

Over the years, Mark has added to his core skills with numerous training courses including Podiatric Acupuncture, joint mobilisation of the lower limb and also Bowen Therapy. Mark says he loves his job, finding it provides constant fascination and has taken him on courses all over the world – even as far as Australia!

Whilst in private practice, Mark has subsequently also worked in a variety of part-time positions linking with the additional post-graduate work and was recruited to Chief 3 for Biomechanics in Dudley PCT/NHS, working closely with the surgical unit for pre and post-operative patients. Following this, Mark worked in London for Snow and Rock as a specialist making orthotics for skiers. Throughout this time, Mark also worked as a lecturer at the Birmingham School of Podiatry.

In more recent years, Mark moved to work on a wholly private basis and is available on an ‘ad hoc’ basis at Good Health Naturally. Mark works on an independent basis, where patients can make an appointment to see him as a Biomechanical Podiatrist and he also works with the chiropractors at the clinic to help improve lower limb mechanics. Mark also works with other private Orthopaedic Consultants and Physiotherapists and has his own Clinical and Biomechanical practice in Birmingham.

Mark is registered with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists as well as the Health Profession’s Council

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