Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies can provide emotional and physical benefits.

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The Bowen technique

The Bowen technique entails using unique and precise rolling-type movements made over the skin, fascia and muscles, to relieve tension held in the soft tissue, including the fascia. There is no manipulation of hard tissue.


Hypnotherapy works on helping you change those subconscious limiting beliefs, fears and phobias as the subconscious mind can be altered by changing your thought patterns, like re-programming a computer and getting it to work how you want it to.

Energy field healing

The human energy field is constantly communicating with the world around us. If the field becomes disrupted or damaged, the flow of life force energy that our health relies upon can become blocked or stagnant.


Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of treatment in the world today and is a popular holistic approach to the management of a wide range of problems.


Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to treating the whole person – emotionally, chemically, structurally and energetically. Kinesiology is a way of identifying imbalances within the body by assessing the body’s ability to hold its muscles against gentle pressure.

JLS Soft tissue therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is the assessment, treatment, and management of soft tissue injury, pain and dysfunction of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Used to help with everyday and work-related stresses, including chronic pain, over-use problems, and following injury or trauma.


Podiatry specialises in the conservative treatment of lower limb problems. Our Podiatrist, Mark uses a combination of Orthotics, (bespoke insoles for your shoes), mobilisation and/or manipulation of the joints from the knee down, and Podiatric Acupuncture and trigger point release techniques for pain relief, together with an interest in the Bowen technique.

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy can help those under the age of 25 to gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings and emotional experiences.

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Chiropractic Care

The main purpose of chiropractic care is to realign and rebalance your body to relieve pain and discomfort, and increase mobility. Explore our range of services here.

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